11 September 2012

What is the ruling on watching television?

It is best for a Muslim to act with wisdom as much as he can to keep his children and family from being attached to the television, because it is obvious that its evil is widespread and its corruption is far worse than its benefits and that most of it is not free from sinful and forbidden actions.
Now a days what could be worse for Muslims and their homes than television?  For the limits of its evil are not just showing morally depraved pictures, but rather it carries something very dangerous for the youth and others which cultivates blameworthy character and belittles the gravity of disobedience by way of showing things like television series [such as sitcom, soap operas and reality shows] and western and eastern movies. Allah is the helper and only through Him is success for the best of states.
As for programs that did not contain any of these forbidden things, it is not forbidden and sinful to show them, nor to look at them, especially if there is religious benefit in it, such as lessons from the biography of Prophets or pious persons; or even if there is worldly benefit such as programs about education, culture etc. and thought that have a useful purpose.

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